Catch up with what’s happening at Welsummer and what there is to do.


Connecting with nature is proven to be one of the healthiest ways we can look after our well being and that’s our priority here at

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Days out

Being Kent, Gateway to the world and the Garden of England, we are lucky to have access to a grand variety of fantastic days out. 

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Our eco history and latest credentials Welsummer was built on the understanding that the environment was at the centre of our vision. Many of our

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Welcome to the quirky world of Welsummer! Our 2 Bathrooms are rustic but comfortable, stylish and clean. Each side has 2 loos, 2 sinks and

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Local Food

Shopping  Kent is the land of Apples and fruit, and we sometimes have fruit, herbs and salads to share from our gardens, but so much

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Press and Partners

Who’s talking about us  We are so proud to have featured in a good selection of the best Camping guide books, newspapers, radio and even

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Cooking and dining

The Kitchen Cupboard

The Kitchen Cupboard is your one-stop destination for all your kitchen needs. If you’re staying in our Cabins and Bell Tents, access to our kitchen

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From a little gap at the back of the woods, you can access miles and miles of beautiful footpaths. Kent’s Garden of England lives up

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