The Kitchen Cupboard

The Kitchen Cupboard is your one-stop destination for all your kitchen needs. If you’re staying in our Cabins and Bell Tents, access to our kitchen is included.

Step inside and browse through our extensive selection of kitchenware. From cups, plates, and cutlery to pots, pans, and kettles, we have everything you need to cook up a storm.

Our tall larder fridge provides ample space for everyone on site to store their essential items during their stay.

If you are camping, but would like to enjoy this facility, please ask at reception, there is a small fee of £10 per stay.

To ensure you don’t overpack, here’s a list of items we offer:

  • Plates
  • Cups
  • Cutlery
  • Mugs
  • Jugs
  • Coffee pots
  • Filter holders
  • Kettles
  • Various saucepans
  • Pasta pots
  • Frying pans
  • Strainers
  • Chopping boards
  • Sharp knives
  • Openers
  • Corkscrews
  • Skewers
  • Spatulas
  • Wooden spoons
  • Tongs
  • Cheese grater
  • Aprons
  • Oven gloves
  • And even a potato masher


We have plenty of crockery and cutlery for everyone on site, so feel free to choose your favourite set. However, please return any other specific items once you’re done using them so that others can benefit from them.

While we provide clean tea towels, it’s a good idea to bring your own as they may run out during busy weekends. The same goes for basins, washing up liquid, and sponges, but don’t worry, there are usually some available at the washing up sinks.

We also have some excellent cast iron pots and pans available for use. Here are a few tips for handling them:

  • Dutch ovens, tripods, heavy skillets, and frying pans, as well as a paella pan, are all perfect for cooking over a campfire. However, please handle them with care as they require special attention. Avoid leaving them soaking in the sinks and wash them as soon as possible using minimal soap. After cleaning, give them a wipe with clean oil to prevent rusting. Additionally, please refrain from using them with tomato or other water/acid-based sauces. If you’re frying, maintain a slow and steady temperature with plenty of oil.

If you’re staying in our cabins, you’ll have access to a single camping gas burner. Please remember to use it outdoors and only with small pans and kettles. Camping gas can be purchased at our store, where we also stock a variety of camping gas and burners.

Our cabins and bell tents come with fire bowls equipped with standard used grills. If you require a new grill, they can be purchased at our store.

We hope you have a wonderful time at The Kitchen Cupboard

Cooking and dining
Cooking and dining