The Dream Team

How it all started

15 years ago….


Our family of 4 moved to England’s Garden from the hot, dry South of France to join the family smallholding set in the greener pastures of Kent.

Here lived a chicken named Welsummer, a rescue with only a lower beak and fed by hand, she was a good layer and quite a character! 

Having camped here in the woods as a child and together as a family around the world, it seemed the perfect venture for us. With plenty of wild camping and leisure experience we couldn’t wait to share the fun with our guests.


Since then you have been coming more and more to share this lovely spot and our love of the outdoors. 

Most important to us, the landscape was at the heart of our plans and our underlying ethos to care first and foremost for the environment, the flora and the wildlife, has shaped the experience that we now offer you for rest and relaxation in a fun and friendly environment.

Also lived here our wider family, and we too are quite some characters! Our family here has has supported us and grown with us to become our now much bigger and fabulous team. 

We will always be here to welcome you and stick around while you are here because we feel, and we know, that happy campers are what makes it all work, and if we can do that for you then we’ve got something right. So we won’t be waving our fists at you if you don’t follow the rules, but we will be here to show you how, and to help make your stay as comfortable and safe as possible, through rain and shine! 

Laura and Med.

Laura and Med

Your hosts and founders of Welsummer Camping met way back, on a campsite in the South of France where they lived for 11 years before the move to Kent. They dream of opening a 2nd Welsummer in Normandy, one day…


honey and grapes

The Masterminds

When the folks, Marj and Keith, chose this land, they must have known how precious it was going to be to us all. They have mastered the Kitchen Garden, tamed Fruit Trees, and are Guardians of the 5 healthy beehives.

L N toothbrush tree 81

The toothbrush tree

This is Laura and her sister Juanita many years ago when they camped in the woods as a family spending every holiday possible here and made many wonderful memories, inspiring them to share this wonderful camping spot with future generations.



The Future

Elisa and Julien have grown up literally on the campsite. They have known it since the ages of  6 and 9, and now as adults they have informed a positive vision for the future of Welsummer, making key decisions and managing exciting new cabin builds.